KIC Quality

For over 40 years, KIC has worked to develop its global supply chain. KIC quality teams "on the ground", overseas, and here in the US, ensure two things: that our products are manufactured to the standards our customers have come to expect, and that our global supply partners are provided with continuous improvement guidance.

FMVSS-121 test results

Don't just take our word for it. KIC uses independent third-party testing and validation laboratories for benchmark testing, durability tests, and design validation. KIC exceeds simple "pass/fail" testing and always tests products to failure. And because KIC supplies the same product to both the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers, our aftermarket products are tested to OEM standards.

Warranty Coverage + Customer Service = Value for the customer

KIC didn't get to be the standard supplier to hundreds of OEM customers without some of the best warranties in the industry. We understand that despite stringent quality controls, things go wrong. If they do, contact KIC warranty service and we'll get your customers back on the road with minimum downtime. For more details, see our Warranty Literature