Introducing the KIC ROLLiant™ Bearing System
with 10-year (trailer) and 7-year(truck) warranties

ROLLiant™ Trailer Bearing System

ROLLiant™ Truck Bearing System

Wheel bearing adjustment is a critical factor in the life and safety of your fleet. A deviation in adjustment even the width of a human hair can mean the difference between a safe reliable hub system, and premature tire wear, wheel seal failure, and premature bearing failure.

P-Spindle ROLLiant™ Assembly

KIC’s new ROLLiant™ bearing system utilizes a patent-pending extended bearing cone to improve on existing long-life precision bearing systems.

ROLLiant™ works with straight-spindle and tapered-spindle hub design and avoids the need for specialized spindle nuts or extra parts.

Best of all, KIC's ROLLiant™ offers a 10-year warranty for trailer applications and 7-years for truck applications.

R-Spindle ROLLiant™ Assembly

KIC assembles each ROLLiant™ hub with 100% endplay inspection and serialization for complete traceability and optimal bearing life.

The ROLLiant™ system includes:

  • KIC precision machined hub with fill port for easy lubrication.
  • Pre-installed ROLLiant™ extended bearing cones
  • Bearing cups installed
  • Factory-installed seal
  • Spindle Nut System
  • Hubcap and gasket
  • Patent-pending KIC packaging system to maintain KIC’s stringent hub cleanliness standard
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