KIC delivers the fastest conception-to-market in the industry. Omar Fakhoury, Ph. D. - Vice President, Operations
KIC Hub Rotor

Our design engineering department works closely with our customers to deliver wheel end products in an expedited time-frame. KIC recognizes that our customers must meet ever-tightening weight and performance standards, in as short a time as possible. With our simulation-driven product development process, KIC delivers the fastest conception-to-market process in the industry.
FEA Model

KIC has developed optimization techniques that utilize a suite of state-of-the-art applications, along with a team of exceptionally knowledgeable design engineers. Some of our design tools include 3D solid modeling, simulation, and finite element analysis software. We also go beyond basic geometry by utilizing flow simulation, heat transfer analysis, and stress analysis. This means we can validate our product designs before tooling is even made.

KIC Universal Hub

Not content to rely on improving our legacy products, we are constantly on the lookout for original ways to deliver value to our customers. KIC holds several patents on hub and brake drum designs that improve weight savings while preserving durability and stopping power.