Introducing the Trident® by KIC

Trident Brake drum
KIC’s Next Generation Trident® 80002 series brake drum addresses the need for a lightweight, but technically superior, brake drum that will help North America’s trailer fleets cut costs and maximize payloads. The Trident® composite steel shell brake drum saves up to 45 lbs. per axle compared to standard cast iron drums.

Trident Drum Cross-section
Trident® features a steel shell and centrifuge cast braking surface technology.

  • Step 1. Carbon steel is roll formed to create a precision outer shell.
  • Step 2. The shell goes through a secondary rolling procedure that introduces a knurled design that facilitates fusion between the layers of the drum.
  • Step 3. The shell is mounted in a high-speed rotating fixture and the gray iron friction material is poured into the shell.

Key Features

  • 88 lbs.
  • High carbon steel shell with knurled design for better lining layer adhesion
  • All drums are balanced to TMC recommended standards
  • Rated to 23,000 lbs. capacity.